Lotus woven textile samples


Lotus Woven Textile Samples Set is composed of 10 unique natural fiber fabrics. 100% Natural, Organic, Chemical-Free, Handwoven. Lotus, Kapok, Banana, Silk, Cotton, Cashmere.




The lotus woven textile samples set is composed of the following fabrics:

Size of each swatch: 10cm x 10cm.

Price includes shipping costs.

Exceptional properties:

  • Light weight
  • Soft touch
  • Silky hand
  • Especially breathable
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Pilling resistance
  • Tearing and tensile strength

Lotus Microfiber is the most antimicrobial textile with an antibacterial efficienty superior to 99.5%.

Partner of collection:

As we are your partner of collection, we dye any of your own color. We use with a heavy-metal-free dyeing (Dystar, Oeko-Tex certified).

From Fibers processing to high quality finished garments, we can create your prototypes of clothing (dresses, tunics, shirts,…) and accessories (scarves, handbags, ties, face masks….).

How to choose the appropriate sustainable textile ?

Once more, we are at your disposal to help you to match the best fabric to your specific requirements.

First, if you are here, I believe you are looking for truely sustainable fabrics which are 100% natural, sustainable, handwoven, chemical-free, and ethically produced. At Samatoa, you won’t have to compromise for this!

Then, you will discover that our unique textiles are made from rares and exclusives natural vegan fibers as lotus, kapok and banana fibers that we love to blend together to match specific needs in term of flexibility, breathability, softness and achieve truly luxury fabrics.

We may choose to blend these exclusives fibers with organic cotton, silk or cashmere to match with more affordable targetted budget. However, you won’t have to compromise with your values and expectations of high quality as there are all truely sustainable textile.

To perfect our circular economy, the remaining of the lotus stems is reused to create an innovative vegan ”leather”.