Fabric Face Mask Certified – Savy model -100 masks

Fabric Face Mask certified UNS2, AFNOR. Savy model

Features 3 Layers to offer the best filtration and breath-ability thanks to a soft, tight woven organic cotton and lotus microfiber technology.

Washable 40times

Uni sex, Undyed

Available in kid sizes (XS), Small, Medium and Large.

It can be slightly adjust thanks to its adjustable elastic.


Fabric Face Mask certified

SMART first, Fabric Face Mask certified uses sustainable technology from Nature.
SAFE furthermore, our certified face mask uses 3 layers of organic cotton and an ultimate lotus microfiber protection.
SUSTAINABLE finally, the innovative production process is 100% sustainable while supporting vulnerable women in rural area in Cambodia.

SMART Microfiber Technology from Nature

lotus microfiber microscope view

lotus microfiber microscope view

Lotus is the first natural microfiber known in the world. Its unique and complex architecture offers extraordinary properties. Lotus Microfiber is the most anti-bacterial fiber, super breathable and absorbent, procuring to face mask an extraordinary comfort.

SAFE Fabric Face Mask certified UNS2/AFNOR

2 layers of certified organic cotton which filter all microbes bigger than 1 micron1 inside layer in lotus microfiber which filters virus smaller as 0.01 micron

Test results warranty:99% anti bacterial for staphylococcus and pneumonia.

Antibacterial fabric face mask

SUSTAINABLE fabric face mask

Our production process is 100% sustainable. Our innovative production process for lotus microfiber do not use any polluting energy as petrol, gas and electricity, do not emit any Co2 and do not use any chemical during the entire process while supporting vulnerable person in Cambodia.

View a 1 mn Videofrom Bloomberg on the production process of the sustainable Fabric Face Mask.


Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions50 × 35 × 20 m