Eco Textile Mill

Quality and Sustainable Eco Textile

Our fabrics are innovative, ecological, spun and woven by hand in our eco textile mill following the Cambodian traditional methods giving them texture and unique properties. From these exclusive materials, Samatoa develops different patterns and high quality scarves.

For Samatoa, the respect for the environment is fundamental. That’s why our workshop only works from fibers that are 100% natural, ecological, and respectful of our clients’ health.

We have supported the creation of the first eco textile mill in Cambodia in order to be able to create our own unique collections of natural fibers from the spinning and weaving stages.

The Samatoa team is multicultural, committed and dynamic with a low turnover. It boasts a rich history of 10 years of experience in research and development of ecofriendly fabric, and today consists of 30 experts: spinners, weavers, seamstresses, and designers.

Eco Textile Mill Cambodia
Eco Textile Mill Cambodia

Thus, our textile mill is composed of a multicultural team:

Thanks to this ten-year-old multicultural collaboration, Samatoa has pursued intensive research in the development of an expertise in sustainable fashion fabrics.

Our eco textile mill manufactures the following textiles :

We offer you to be your partner of collection, help you all along the creation of your own collection, from the selection of the natural fibers, the colors, weaving pattern, technical specifications details, quality control, samples to the fisihed prototype and product.

Feel free to contact us and share with us your most ambitious dreams, we will be glad to propose you the best textile solution.