Kapok fabric

A new sustainable fabric

Kapok Fabric is a new sustainable fabric created and woven much the same way as natural cotton but the process is more delicate. We have been able to develop this delicate process thanks to the skills and the exactness of Cambodian women.

Kapok Fiber has unique properties, it looks a bit like organza silk but it remains stronger, resistant to vermin, resistant to water and moisture and more. It is incredibly soft touch and warmer than wool.

With Kapok fabric you can receive an extremely lightweight and resilient fabric that repels rain and can actually stay buoyant for a time.
Fibers are generally fairly short and the smooth surface of the fibers makes it very difficult to weave. As a result Kapok fabric is weaved using improved traditional techniques and handmade tools specifically designed for creating the fabric.

kapok fabric

Kapok Fabric, from the Bombax ceiba’s

Fully kapok fibers derive from the Bombax ceiba’s fruits gather around Siem Reap and Battambang. The Kapok plant produces natural cellulosic fibers. The plant itself has a hollow body with a sealed up tail which contains most of the fibers. This majestic tree has impressive trunk and roots; several of them are known for growing out of Ta Prohm temple at Angkor.
The kapok fabric interests more and more fashion designers to make innovative clothes and underwear. This fabric is particularly suited for jackets, life-saving appliances, insulation, aviation suits, and other moisture resistant clothing. As the process becomes more refined for Kapok fabric it will start to find its way into more and more products with affordability.

Kapok fabric made from the kapok fiber

Kapok Fabric, sustainable textile

As the trees are rather large and capable of producing plenty of textiles bearing fruit, this is an extremely renewable resource. Trees grow very fast (2 meters per year) and they are extremely resilient and survive with years. The fabric that is produced looks similar to natural cotton but with a greater insulating power than wool and a substantially later fabric. As Samatoa begins to produce Kapok fabric there will be an increase in the number of trees planted and some exciting revelations in the textile and fashion industry.

Overall Kapok Fabric is still exclusive as it’s difficult and a time consuming process currently, but if you can find products which are created using this natural fiber you will surely have your hands on something that is resilient and high quality.

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We export to Europe, USA and Asia in maximum 7 days. As we manufacture and dye the thread ourselves before weaving, we can produce any of your own colors. You can also choose amongst our range of kapok fabrics in stock. You can find prices and specifications in our wholesale fabric catalog.

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