Antimicrobial Fabric

Antimicrobial fabric made with LOTUS MICROFIBER

Multifunctional protective fabric

As it safely prevents bacteria and odor, it is ideal for protective garments. Furthermore it is also very suitable for sport clothes and accessories, travel cushion, baby blanket and mother care clothings.

100% Healthy

Chemical free, it is 100% safe for the user and the environment. It uses vegan and organic fibers only.

Ultime comfort

LOTUS MICROFIBER TECHNOLOGY is naturally soft, breathable, absorbent, light and dryfast.

100% Safe

Lotus Microfiber is the most antimicrobial fabric – but also antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal- in the world. It’s antimicrobial efficiency is more than 99.5 %.

The fabrication follows the standard recommendations from major institutions (AFNOR, CDC and National Institute of Garments).


Antimicrobial Fabric made with Lotus Microfiber

100% Healthy

Lotus Microfiber antimicrobial fabric doesn’t contains any chemicals or toxics. It is why it is 100% safe for the health of the user.

Ultime comfort

LOTUS MICROFIBER TECHNOLOGY is naturally soft, breathable, absorbent, light and dry fast.

Multifunctional protective fabric

It safely prevents bacteria and odor. Then, it is ideal for protective garments, sport, travel, baby and mother care clothings and accesories.

antiviral fabric
antimicrobial fabric

Antimicrobial fabric made from lotus microfiber

Lotus Microfiber antimicrobial fabric is the most antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral in the world with more than 99.5% of efficienty. It is uns certified. Lotus Microfiber ntimicrobial fabric is the most safe fabric for the other reasons.

Antimicrobial fabric, using vegan and organic fabrics

Most of protective fabric are made with non sustainable textile like Polyester, nylon and other viscose textile (including bamboo textile). All these industrial textiles are made from petrol-chemical. They are made from petrol and chemicals only. After production, the chemicals resides in the textile which can provoke numerous diseases for the user.

Antimicrobial fabric following standard recommendations from AFNOR, CDC and National Institute of Garments.

AFNOR recommend for protective face fabric a densely woven cotton or polycotton fabric and at least two layers. Tight woven cotton are ideal as they’re usually good solid fabrics and suitable for high temperature washing. Technical specifications: 90g/m2, threads 33×33, 120nm.

Organizations making fabric masks by exemple can rely on the document AFNOR Spec – Barrier masks to launch manufacture. This document also offers a test protocol, currently used by the DGA (French Directorate General of Armaments) and the IFTH (French Textile & Apparel Institute). In France, manufacturers send their masks to these two bodies for tests to be carried out on their masks. Then they can confirmed that their masks offer the required level of protection. AFNOR does not itself offer approval or testing and is currently not offering certification for this product. More info: