Natural silk fabric

A renewable and ecological fabric

The tradition of natural silk fabric making goes back hundreds of years in Cambodia.

The silk used at Samatoa’s is one of the finest fabrics in the world and is quite unique. Our clothing range is hand woven and high quality, creating an outstanding result.

Natural silk is handcrafted using a patented spinning and weaving technique. This completely renewable and ecological fabric can be found in some of the world’s most in demand fashion lines. We find natural silk in wallets, clothing items, underwear, ties and more. The nice part about natural silk is that it’s very soft to the touch, airy and can create some beautiful fashion and accessories. It can be dyed into any variety of different colors and when hand-woven and crafted to a high quality silk can be extremely durable as well.

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Silk Yarn

Natural silk fabric is mostly composed of fibroin which comes from cocoons produced by insects. While there are many different insects that can produce silk fibers and the proteins that are needed for weaving, many have found that the larvae of the Mulberry silkworm have created some of the best results. In most cases silk is taken from their cocoons. The caterpillars will weave cocoons out of the main components of silk and with the strong silk components created by the Mulberry silkworm it’s possible to create natural silk fabric that refracts incoming light into a prismatic structure. This is why quite a lot of high quality handmade natural silk fabric seems to appear shiny or has multiple colors beyond the simple base.

Silk has an extensive history as well and we’ve been using it as far back as 3500 BC, by utilizing more silk materials in the consumer goods that we use today we can avoid utilizing excess chemicals non-renewable resources.

Natural silk fabric will continue to be created by Samatoa using the Mulberry silkworm and producing high-quality fabrics for use around the world.

Our range of natural silk fabrics

Raw silk is the result of weaving thin, raw silk together, giving the fabric a natural and authentic texture. Cambodian raw silk is regarded as of the best quality in the world.

Thick taffetas silk is the highest quality, natural silk, with very few irregularities. It is also much appreciated as it keeps warm in winter and cool in summer.

Thin taffetas silk, slightly see-through, is the lightest and most delicate silk. Soft and silky, it is ideal for summer.

Silk Cocoon


We export to Europe, USA and Asia in maximum 7 days.

As we manufacture and dye the thread ourselves before weaving, we can produce any of your own colors. You can also choose amongst our large range of natural silk fabrics in stock.

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You can choose from this selection of natural fibers fabric made by Samatoa under strict respect of the human and its environment.