Banana fabric


Banana fabric is created using raw materials which are generally discarded after a banana harvest. These raw materials usually come in the form of fibers which are taken from the stems of each banana. Then they discarded from the trees. These excess tree stocks are moved and are then cut and processed into fibers. The fibers is then weaved together into a solid fabric base. These fibers throughout history have been used to create silky abaca banana fabric for tablecloths, saris, kimonos and more. There are also a number of area rugs and other products which are created specifically using banana fabric due to its resiliency.

Abaca fabric is completely sustainable and readily available in few parts of the world only.

banana fabric


Abaca fabric is fairly simple to process by hand to create a silk like fabric. When you think of banana leaves, may you think of softness or resiliency? These fabrics can be just as resilient and comfortable as a fine silk. It’s why many designers and product manufacturers seek out banana fabric due to its resiliency and sustainability.

As well as a high tensile strength abaca fabric repels grease and water and remains extremely flexible as well. When refined using traditional weaving technics from Cambodia banana fabric can become just as soft as organza silk. Not many other fabrics within the textile industry for fire resistance can be manufactured sustainably.

banana fabric

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