Pure Lotus Fabric

Pure Lotus fabric is the first natural microfiber.

Also, it is probably the most ecological fabric in the world and the first natural microfiber known in the world. It is why it has remarkable properties. In particular, it is amazingly resistant, soft, light-weight, wrinkle-free.

The plain woven pure lotus fabric is recommended for jackets and dresses, as it is hard wearing and soft.
The airy pure lotus fabric is recommended for scarves, as it is especially breathable and light.

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(meter | yard)
(gram | momme)
LT001100 % Lotus Plain1.00 | 1.09133 | 30
LT002100% Lotus Airy1.00 | 1.09120 | 27

Pure Lotus Fabric

Since ever in Buddhist teaching, Lotus flower symbolizes inner-determination and spirituality. Because lotus has ability to move from darkness to light, it is not overwhelmed by a hostile environment. Thus, pure lotus fabric worn by Buddhist monks centuries ago had a spiritual value. After years of oblivion, Samatoa Lotus Textiles is bringing back to life this lost handicraft in Cambodia.

Lotus Lake Battambang