SMART first, Lotus Microfiber Face Mask uses technology from Nature.

SAFE furthermore, our certified face mask uses 3 layers of organic cotton and an ultimate lotus microfiber protection.

SUSTAINABLE finally, the innovative production process is 100% sustainable while supporting vulnerable women in rural area in Cambodia.


Lotus Microfiber microscope view

Lotus is the first natural microfiber known in the world. Its unique and complex architecture offers extraordinary properties. Lotus Microfiber is the most anti-bacterial fiber, super breathable and absorbent, procuring an extraordinary comfort.



Lotus Microfiber Face Mask

2 layers of certified organic cotton which filter all microbes bigger than 1 micron.

1 inside layer in lotus microfiber which filters virus smaller as 0.01 micron.

Test results warranty:

99% anti bacterial for staphylococcus and pneumonia.

LOTUS SUSTAINABLE FACE MASK, 100% Sustainable Producton

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Personalized Your Own Face Mask with your Logo Printed

For protecting efficiently your employees, clients or students, order your own face mask. Furthermore, you can add your brand logo printed. It is available at wholesale price for a minimum order quantity of 100 masks.

Our Strategy 2020

In February 2020, Samatoa was mainly relying on Tourism (85%). Following the sudden apparition of the Covid-19, the entire tourism activity of Siem Reap- collapsed. So, It muted the whole fashion market. It is why we had to immediately adapt to a new strategy of resilience. The main objective was to find new sources of revenue and sustain employments.

First, our new strategy is articulated in short term to save employments. Then, on middle term, we want to sustain the activities with a new sustainable post-Covid offer.


Following 10 years of experience and research, we have finally highlighted the exceptional qualities of lotus microfiber. In particular, its is the most breathable textile and the best antibacterial fabric. These 2 characteristics are the most important for the efficiency of the masks.

Then, we decided to envelop the lotus fiber with a double layer of organic cotton fabric. This complex of material guarantee a sustainable face mask with the best efficiency.

Secondly, by analyzing tests results done since the covid outbreak, we could find the ideal textile complex. The most suitable masks are made of 2 layers of cotton and fleece. The best cotton would be weight 80-100 grams/square meter. The ideal warp contains 44 threads (120nm)/cm and weft 33 threads (120nm)/cm. Thus, it corresponds to what we use for our masks now.

Furthermore, our fleece/filters have the advantage of being made of lotus fiber to offer exceptional electrostatic properties.

Lotus Microfiber Face Mask: TESTS AND CERTIFICATION

In July 2020, anti-bacterial tests has been done at the National Textile Institute of Korea. It reveals that the lotus microfiber is more than 99% anti bacterial.

This result is exceptional as it is now by far the most anti-bacterial textile known i the world. The best and high industrial technology fabric was 82% only.

It efficiently inhibit 99.95% for the staphylococcus and 99.99% for the pneumonia. Theses virus have similar characteristics and size (0.06 and 0.14 microns.) than the corona-virus responsible of Covid-19.

Finally, on June 2020, our two models of mask received certification UNS2/AFNOR by the French Direction of Equipment.

Our next goal is to get certified our new materiel complex UNS1. Each certification UNS1 or UNS2 matchs with a specific market segment and range of filtration so both are useful. UNS is for Unsanitary Use certification, which offers two categories of certification based on filtration rate and breath-ability.

This certification guarantee filtration 70-90% (UNS2) and more than 90% (UNS1) of particles of 1 and 3 microns.

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