Wholesale Silk Fabric

Wholesale Green fabric

Samatoa sources and selects Wholesale Green fabric for international eco textile designers and luxury Brands.  We collaborate with the most reliable and innovative green factories all around Asia to provide you with the best offers on organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester (PET) and many others eco-friendly fabrics and recycled textiles.
For luxury eco-friendly fabrics, please refer to our range of lotus textiles. Furthermore, we can customize unique textile made from lotus, kapok, silk, cashmere, or any other eco-friendly fibers.
You will find in the table below all the fabrics we can provide you with: if you would like to pass an order, please contact us directly.


CodeTextileWeavingPropertiesUsesDyeCertificationsYarn countDensityTypeWidth (inches)Width (cm)Weight (gsm)Weight (OZ)Yarn Types
CO001100% Cotton OrganicWoven, KnittedEco-friendlyGarment, ShirtDyedGOTS80D*80D, 10S90*88Poplin50/54127/137531.86Cotton
CO002100% Cotton OrganicWoven, KnittedEco-friendlyGarment, ShirtGreigeGOTS26SUpon request1*1 rib82.52092257.9Cotton
CO003Printed knitted organic cottonWoven, KnittedShrink-ResistantDress, Garment, Lingerie, Shirt, Sportswear, Swimwear, UnderwearGreige, DyedSGS, Oeko-Tex Standard 10032SUpon requestUpon request69/70175/1782408.46Cotton
CD001Organic cotton denimWoven, KnittedEco-friendlyGarment, Jacket, Shirt, PantsGreigeGOTSUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon request39714Cotton
RC001100% recycled cottonWoven, KnittedEco-friendly, RecycledBedding, Curtain, GarmentWhiteSGS32D*32D, 5S68*68Grey fabric601522107.41Cotton
RP002100% rPET 63DWoven, KnittedEco-friendly, RecycledDress, Shirt, Lining, SportswearGreigeGRS63D*63D170t170T taffeta
RP003100% rPET 63DWoven, KnittedEco-friendly, RecycledDress, Shirt, Lining, SportswearGreigeGRS63D*63D210t210T taffeta
RP001100% rPET 75DWoven, KnittedShrink-Resistant, Eco-friendly, RecycledDress, Garment, Home TextileGreigeSGS, GRS75D*75D48*68Chiffon57/58146632.22rPET
RP005100% rPET 75DWovenAnti-Static, Tear-Resistant, Waterproof, Eco-friendly, RecycledBedding, Curtain, Home TextileGreige, DyedEN, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GRS75D*75D190t190T taffeta
RP004100% rPET 50DWoven, KnittedWaterproof, Semi-Elastic, Eco-friendly, RecycledBag, GarmentGreige, DyedEN, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GRS50D*50D320t320T taffeta
RP006100% rPET 100D printedWoven, KnittedAnti-Static, Shrink-Resistant, Eco-friendly, RecycledDress, Garment, Home TextilePlain dyed and printed, DyedOeko-Tex Standard 100, SGS, GRS100D*100DUpon requestChiffon, Voile
RP007100% rPET 150DKnittedRecycled, Soft, Eco-friendlyBag, Blanket, GarmentGreige, DyedOeko-Tex Standard 100, SGS, RO, GRS150D288fVelvet
TC001Tencel 68%, Cotton 27%, Spandex 5%Woven, KnittedEco-friendlyBag, GarmentGreigeSGSUpon requestUpon requestUpon request671701404.93Tencel, Cotton, Spandex
CR001Cork fabric with Rpet juteWoven, KnittedEco-friendly, RecycledBag, GarmentGreigeGRSUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestCork, rPET
HP00155% Hemp, 45% Rpet fleeceWoven, KnittedEco-friendly, RecycledT-Shirts, GarmentDyedIntertek Eco-certification, Oeko-Tex Standard 10021SUpon requestJersey58/6015037013.05Hemp, rPET
HP00220% Hemp, 80% Herringbone with PUL
Woven, KnittedEco-friendly, WaterproofShort pants, Shirt, GarmentGreigeSGS21SUpon requestUpon request54/551501565.5Hemp, Herringbone
HC00155% Hemp, 45% Organic cottonKnittedEco-friendlyBaby cloth, Dress, Garment, SportswearGreigeGOTS, OCS21SUpon requestJerseyUpon requestUpon request160/2605.64/9.17Hemp, Cotton
PU001Recycled 70-80% Genuine leather, ReclaimedWoven, KnittedAbrasion, Resistant, Waterproof, Eco-friendly, RecycledGarment, BagGreigeGRSUpon requestUpon requestUpon request54/55150Upon requestUpon requestLeather