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Blended Natural Fibers Fabrics

Samatoa’s range of natural fibers fabrics are entirely woven and handmade in Cambodia. Furthermore, it is and guaranteed to be made from pure organic natural fibers.

Types of Sustainable Natural Fibers Fabrics

There are many different types of handmade natural fabrics available on the market, the most popular including Cotton or Silk.

  • Silk fabric is an animal-produced fabric and is incredibly comfortable to wear
  • Kapok fabric and Banana fabric are one of the most ecologically friendly and durable fibers on the planet
  • Lotus is known as a luxury fabric because of its ultime comfort and rarity.

Our blended natural fibers fabrics provide unique properties for exclusive clothing, accessories and home decoration.

Handmade Techniques

Samatoa uses different ways to spin, knit, and weave natural fibers into complex pattern. The most common handmade techniques include hand-knitting with needles or crochet hooks, and hand-weaving with various tools. The act of turning natural fiber into clothing or fabric dates back thousands of years, and the practice is still around today.

Haute Couture Siem Reap, Cambodia

Advantages of our blended natural fibers fabrics

We manufacture your specific quality blended natural fabrics to math your perfect requirement. They are all safe for the user, the environement and the producers. Unique properties textiles are obtained by blending different natural fibers through a unique handmade production process. Natural fiber comes from renewable resources, produces little to no carbon output. It is 100% biodegradable. Firthermore, it produces beneficial waste that Samatoa reused to produce plastic-free vegan ”leather” in a perfect circular economy.

Additionally, natural fabrics are non-allergenic and reduce the risk of skin rashes and irritations caused from unnatural clothing fabrics. This is great news for people who suffer from allergic reactions to synthetic clothing.

There are truly hundreds of different reasons why natural fabrics are more beneficial to the environment, people, and economy.