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lotus textiles

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Our Commitments

Symbolism of Lotus

« The soul spreads itself like a lotus with innumerable petals » (Khalil Gibran).

For decades, the flower has been identified to symbolize wisdom and spirituality.


Lotus fabric has unique properties: it is naturally soft, light especially breathable and almost wrinkle free.

It’s probably the most ecological fabric in the world containing no chemicals or toxic products. Spinned and woven by hand following ancestral techniques.

Lotus Sutra

We believe that everyone has the potential to elevate themselves and reach Buddha’s state «without letting the world pollute them, like a lotus on water» as cited in the Lotus Sutra, one of Buddhism’s most important educational texts.

lotus textile

Samatoa, A Social Business

Our Business model : Using the Best Social and Environmental practices to produce eco fabrics from vegetal wastes.

AWARD La France s'engage au Sud

In 2015, Samatoa was one of the 10 prizewinners of the “France commits to the South” contest launched by the French President. It rewards socially innovative initiatives based on 5 criteria-namely: social benefit, innovation, capacity for expansion and duplication, outcomes and sustainability, and existing partnerships.

Award Unesco 2012

In 2012, we submitted a sarong, made from our unique lotus fibers, to the UNESCO handicrafts program and received their Seal of Excellence.

Weaving a lasting connection to create the well-being of the poorest to the richest

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In 2003, Samatoa established the foundations of a solid fabric composed of the best experts in bio-textiles and ethical fashion. Samatoa is a social textile enterprise focusing on the values of fair trade and sustainable development to create an alternative to the textile industry. Creating the greenest and most innovative textile in the world, Samatoa was recognized in 2012 by the UNESCO Prize for excellence.

Its unique lotus, silk, kapok and banana based fabrics are becoming increasingly popular amongst international designers in ethical fashion and luxury industries. Today, the demand is soaring and the company must support its growth to achieve sustainable development. Samatoa wants to win market shares by responding in priority to requests for fabric textiles and create the necessary leverage to sustain its overall growth. Samatoa is responsible for the manufacturing processes from beginning to end – from yarn to finished product – with no intermediaries or outside providers. This is how we ensure the quality of all our products.

For 10 years, we experimented more than 10 local natural fibers: lotus, pineapple, banana, water lily, romchek, kapok, papyrus, palm, silk, coconut, water hyacinth, and rice leaves.

During our search, we also developed a fantastic team of expert spinners, weavers, seamstresses, and designers. Our innovative fabrics are 100% ecological, hand spun, and woven, following traditional Cambodian methods. This gives them a unique texture and properties that is now in high demand worldwide and currently unavailable elsewhere on the planet.


Award Unesco 2012

lotus textiles

  • November 2012, Samatoa is awarded by Unesco for its innovative eco fashion sarong.


Award 2015


  • In November 2015, Samatoa is awarded thanks to its social innovation qualities by the French President, François Hollande

lotus textileslotus textiles

A Cambodian Social business

We use the best socially responsible manufacturing techniques.




People Trained

Our Projects

We want to continue supporting women’s empowerment in Cambodia and create 500 jobs within 5 years.

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lotus textiles

lotus textiles


A Premier And Exclusive collection of 7 unique luxury fabrics made from lotus and blended with other natural fibers.

lotus textiles


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We are expert in producing vegetal luxury fabrics and happy to collaborate with you to develop unique textile and patterns fabrics.

lotus textiles


A Rare and Divine Collection of Lotus Scarves.

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