Lotus Farm Siem Reap is a unique eco textile mill in the world.  It aims to present though an entertaining manner, the exceptional manufacturing process of the most ecological textile made from lotus fiber.

Visit our Lotus farm during your stay in Siem Reap

After a guided presentation of the Sacred Lotus Flower and its symbolic meaning in the Asian cultures, the Lotus Farm offers visitors the opportunity to experience each stage in the creation of this luxurious and rarest fabric:

  • First the harvest, or the way to gather the Lotus Flowers stems to keep the best quality of material,
  • Secondly, the spinning, which consists to transform the Lotus fibers in a high quality thread. This very complex process must be realized exclusively by hand.
  • Then, the weaving, from the preparation of the loom to the finished lotus fabric,
  • And finally the re-use of the Lotus wastes which offer unique medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic properties.

Sampling of by-products derived from the lotus plant and a gifts shop complete the guided tour.

Soft-drinks and restrooms are available for customers. 

To visit our Lotus Farm in Siem Reap, follow the link to Google Map here.

Opens everyday from 8am to 6pm, free entrance.

Contact: +855.92.52.9001 / contact@samatoa.com

Address: 9 road 63, Phnom Krom, Siem Reap

Weaving silk at angkor silk farm siem reap
Lotus Textiles is woven by hand using traditional improved Cambodian loom.
The preparation of a loom takes around one week as it requires to install 1080 threads.
Visit Lotus Farm Angkor
Lotus Flower are growing on 60 hectares Lotus Farm in the region of Phnom Krom, near Siem Reap.
Spinning yarn near Phnom Krom
Our Lotus Farm presents the manufacturing process of lotus textiles, however Samatoa is producing this unique yarn of kapok as well.
Making yarn at Lotus Farm Siem Reap
Cambodian women are extracting manually the fibers from the stems before rolling it in a continuous and regular yarn.
Visit Lotus Farm Siem Reap
A visitor at Lotus Farm experimenting the spinning of kapok fiber.
Miss Cambodia visiting our eco textile farm near Angkor
During her visit in Siem Reap, Miss Cambodia experiment lotus yarn making.
Lotus Farm has been rewarded few times for its social innovation.