Vegan Leather  FAQs



  • What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather is an animal-free faux leather.

microfiber vegan leather

microfiber vegan leather

  • Why did you create vegan leather?

Nowadays, there is nearly no offer for organic vegan leather, most of the vegan leather present on the market contains plastic (PLA and PU). We wanted to meet the need of customer who want to buy more sustainabily made clothing. All our vegan leather are natural, organic, biodegradable and used plants as lotus, banana, kapok but also coconut, water Hyacinth and Aloe Vera.

  • What are the properties of your vegan leather?

Our vegan leathers meet with specific needs of our clients. We create vegan leather which are rigid or sift, waterproof or absorbent…, we can also make it fire retardant and heat resistant as our banana microfiber has strong fire resistance properties, kapok is super hot, lotus super breathable (anti moisture)….

  • What products can we make with this fabric?

Our vegan leathers are suitable for many applications from bags, shoes, to accessories, furniture, interior and car interior..

  • Where is the vegan leather produced?

Our vegan leather is integrally produced in our social farm in Cambodia.


  • Are you using 100% natural dye or vegetable dye? Do they bleed?

We have a range of natural dyes, locally sourced. We also use Dystar dye which is certify Ecotex and do not contain any heavy metal.

  • Is your fabrics animal free and biodegradable?

Our vegan leather is made of 100% organic microfiber and is totally plastic free

  • What do you use to create this vegan leather?

Our recipe contains Lotus, Banana, Kapok, Water jacinth, coconut and Aloe Vera fibers and vegetable oil wastes to create our amazing vegan leather.

  • Do you use 100% organic fiber and fabric?Microfiber vegan leather

Samatoa Company has always used 100% natural fibers fabrics. We will remain in line with this philosophy for our vegan leather. Furthermore, we do not use any chemical products during our process.

  • Is your process impacting the environment?

Our vegan leather has a low impact on the environment. Indeed, it uses only natural fabrics such as lotus and banana fibers. It consumes a small amount of water and electricity and no chemicals products. Furthermore, it exploits waste conversion to have a lower impact on the nature.


  • How can I get a set of samples?

To buy a set of samples click here to order : banana samples , lotus samples , other plant based samples.

You can pay either by bank transfer or by credit card.

  • What is the sample set composed of?

All our sample catalogues are composed of ten sample of vegan leather measurind 10smx10cm. Click here to order : banana samples , lotus samples , other plant based samples .

  • What is the availability of your vegan leather?

For the moment we’re still developing our vegan leather production. We’ll be able to reveal our capacity in a couple of months.

  • What are the price and the Minimum Order Quantity of your vegan leather ?

Please contact us directly so that we can give you details on our product prices.