Silk Scarves

Made out of the finest Silk Fabrics, our 100%  Silk scarf is the result of a ten-years successfull partnership
between French designers and Cambodian seamstresses and weavers.

Our scarves are available in a large range of designs, colors and dimensions: please consult our catalog below, and  contact us directly if you would like to pass an order or ask any question about our products.



Choose your colors through our selection or provide us with your own color .
Our scarves are available in the following formats: 60 x 60cm, 40 x 160cm or 85 x 200cm.

You can choose your own finishing and ask for specific designs :

All pure natural silk scarves presented here are entirely produced in our workshop, from weaving, to dying and sewing. With a strict quality control during all manufacturing and production process these scarves satisfy high quality standards. 

Our fabrics contain neither heavy metals nor any dangerous chemicals for the greatest benefits of artisans, customers and the Earth.

Samatoa Lotus Textiles here offers quality and luxury ecological scarves while supporting vulnerable Cambodian women.