Natural Thin Taffetas Silk

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SFThin silk Taffeta 0,98 | 1,07 40 | 11 $ 17,10$11,40$8,55$7,40

These Natural Thin Taffetas Silk is organic and woven by hand following traditional Khmer techniques. All the fibers are natural and so rare, thus quantities are unsettled and limited. We dyed any colors requested with a quality non heavy metal dyed (dystar).

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Natural Thin Taffetas Silk
 Our experts produce the best quality fabrics in the world. Thanks to this new lotus fabric, we have enabled the creation of 30 new training posts in 2012: lotus thread weavers, lotus harvesters, lotus fiber treatment, expert lotus weavers and lotus quality control supervisors.
Our dyeing programs aim to limit to the utmost environmental impact by eliminating completely any use of noxious chemical products thus offering true advantages from environmental and health points of view.


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