Plastic free vegan leather biodegradable

Natural microfiber vegan leather, plastic free vegan leather biodegradable.

Samatoa Lotus Textiles has been developing fibres and fabrics that improve environmental conditions and provide employment opportunities for women in rural areas for many years. Samatoa now seeks to expand its impact with the development of the Vegan Leather Tec®, a revolutionary composite material made from our production waste – the Lotus stems – and other vegetable oil wastes and starch. Bio vegan leather or plant-based vegan leather is 100% biodegradable. With over 30 tons of disposable Lotus stem waste generated by our existing manufacturing process, we could create over 20,000 meters of affordable, revolutionary and technical composite vegan leather.

An ecological and social engagement

Although they might avoid the carbon footprint and animal welfare issues , Vegan leather are typically made from plastics like polyurethane so they are not environmental friendly.

Even plant based leather usually uses plastics. Some company work on lab-grow collagen or leather made from mushroom, those aren’t widely available and take long time to process.

Our Vegan LeatherTec® is plant based and plastic-free, 100% biodegradable. It address key environmental and social issues at each stage of the value chain process. The development of raw fibres utilizes wastes and up-cycled materials, providing a solution to environmental concerns. Vegan Leather Tec® generates less than 2 kg CO2 per ton produced compared to virgin polyester, which generates 10 kg CO2; it requires 100 times less water than virgin polyester, 150 times less than organic cotton. The manufacturing process ensures dependable employment opportunities for women in rural areas, providing decent wages and long-term economic empowerment. 

Following rigorous tests carried out in 2016, the French Institute of Textile and Apparel discovered that Lotus fibre is the first natural Microfiber known worldwide, offering Lotus fabric exceptional properties. Better than synthetic microfiber, Lotus is highly absorbent and breathable, providing exceptional comfort. By varying the percentages of Lotus microfiber, vegetal oil, starch, we are able to produce rigid or soft leather-like material, waterproof and suitable vegan leather for many thing from shoes, handbags to car interior and furniture.

While a environmentally responsible process, the product has a similar cost to plastic alternatives, but entirely made from agricultural waste and fully biodegradable.

Our vegan leather will be available in September 219.  

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