NEWSLETTER: October 2017



Inspired from our collaboration with Kering (, and in order to plan new learning expeditions with our futures partners … for example, Fresh/LVMH is coming at the end of October and Young President Organisation (YPO) in the beginning of December… We decided to experience this exciting program by ourselves. We wanted to contribute to the local and community development.

In September, all Samatoa Lotus Textiles team had a wonderful week-end when we went on a learning expedition to Kamping Poy near Battambang! We discovered our other Lotus Farm near a lake full of beautiful Lotus.

Learning Expeditions transform companies and their team’s capacity for change. They are an excellent source of inspiration and revival by appealing to the five senses at times of rare intensity.

We met all our great colleagues who are working there, and we did workshops where we really wanted to challenge ourselves, know each other and have a better understanding of everyone work. We did some activities where everyone had to think, give and share their opinions and ideas. And at the end of this great week-end, we found some new ideas and solution for the company and everyone well-being.

It was an extraordinary experience where everyone learned from others, we all really enjoyed it and we hope the journey will continue with you…



                                       Augmentation of our production capacity in Battambang

We are glad to announce that thanks to our second Lotus Farm, we were able to increase our production capacity and we can answer faster to your demands. We can now produce 100 meters more of all of our unique fabrics.





                                                                                      Quality improvement

In addition of the increase of our production we also had an increase of our quality. Indeed, we upgrade the criteria of selection for our lotus flowers. They are now bigger and stronger so the fibres are more resistant when they are weaved.
And we managed to do an amelioration of the mechanic treatment of our fabric. The fibres are softer; the quality is better. We are now able to offer you some fabrics with an even better quality than before.



                                                                          New range of colors available


For our 2018 collection and new products we have the pleasure to tell you that we have a new selection of fibre and also new unique colours to satisfy all your orders!


                                                                             DIVINITEA’S LAUNCHING

Samatoa Lotus Textiles has developed a partnership with this new company:

DIVINITEA. This is a social enterprise, producing unique lotus tea from the Ancestral Chinese method, using the best social and environmentally sustainable practices.
This tea offers you a unique taste of fragrances fused through a proven process.


As you can see, we share with this new company a lot of values, especially in the social part an more important: we share the same lotus. This beautiful plant has the same value for both of our activities and we are determinate to develop his benefits.



We welcome you to our showroom from Monday to Saturday: 8am to 5pm. 11 ROAD 63, KOLKRAN VILLAGE, Siem Reap, Cambodia
 Tel: (+855) 92 52 9001