Sam Couture, Ethical Couture Manufacturer

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Sam Couture,  ethical couture manufacturer from Cambodia, helps you achieve your collections with the guarantee of a professional service entirely at your disposal.

Create your Natural Fabric collection

directly with

Our eco textile production experts

Lotus fabric
  • Sam Couture specializes in fabrics made of Lotus, Silk, Kapok, Banana…

Our eco textile mill

  • Create your specific intertwined combinaison yarn
  • Weave your own textile design
  • Dye your specific colors

Sam Couture is an ethical couture manufacturer with more than 10 years experience in fabrics making, producing fabrics made of Lotus, Silk, Kapok, Banana, and blends mixing those different yarns.

Thanks to this expertise, we are able to offer a large variety of textiles with various properties and designs matching your needs

In addition to the design, we are also able to dye your fabric in a large variety of colors, using either natural or heavy-metal-free dyeing (Dystar).

Create your Quality Clothing collection

directly with

Our pattern makers
and prototype experts

Ethical couture manufacturer Cambodia

Our 10 years’ women clothing making experience 

Ethical couture manufacturer Cambodia

Our strict quality control

Ethical couture manufacturer Cambodia

Our team of experts will help you study the feasibility of your model, from the gradation, pattern, making up to the prototyping.

For 10 years, Sam Couture has perfected its tailoring techniques and will provide you with the solution to make your model unique and impeccably crafted.

A wide range of personalized services

Creation of your labels

Individual packaging, shipment and logistics

Design and marketing services

Our team can provide you with its services to help you design your label to match your brand identity.

We also offer numerous solutions for high-end packaging and are able to ship your product internationally.

Sam Couture can help you perfect your design and distribute it worldwide, having worked with several high fashion designers over the years.

As an ethical couture manufacturer, Sam Couture is the guarantee of a multicultural team where quality, reactivity, flexibility and transparency constitute the policy of our Fair trade organization.

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