Lotus Samples Set


Discover our products through our sample set. Customize your order by chosing 3 samples out of our 7 high-quality fabrics.



In our Sample, you can choose 3 different quality fabrics made with lotus fibers, to pick among those:

  • 100% Lotus plain
  • 100% Lotus Airy
  • 84% Lotus / 16% Silk
  • 55% Lotus / 45% Silk
  • 50% Lotus / 50% Silk (Unesco)
  • 42% Lotus / 58% Cotton
  • 78% Lotus / 22% Banana
  • 60% Lotus / 40% Kapok

We can dye any color requested with a heavy-metal-free dyeing (Dystar).

Size of each swatch: 10cm x 10cm.

Price includes shipping costs.

Exceptional properties:[1]

  • Light weight
  • Soft touch
  • Silky hand
  • Especially breathable
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Pilling resistance
  • Tearing and tensile strength

According to tests conducted in 2016 by IFTH (the French Textile and Clothing Institute)

Recognized worldwide:

In 2012, we submitted a sarong, made from our unique lotus fibers to the UNESCO handicrafts program and received their Seal of Excellence. The Seal “encourages artisans to produce handicrafts using traditional skills, patterns, and themes in an innovative way in order to ensure the continuity and sustainability of these traditions and skills.” The award is a sign of the craft expert jury’s recognition of high quality materials. Thousands of years ago, the art of creating lotus fabric was known, but then lost. Samatoa brings back to life long forgotten skills.

Upon receiving the Seal of Excellence, our lotus fabrics have received a great deal of attention from designers all around the world.

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