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Lotus Silk blended

Ideal Eco Fabric for light and chic jackets and dresses.

Lotus Silk Composition: 80% lotus fibers / 20% natural silk fibers


Product Description

LS00180% Lotus,20% Silk 1 | 1,10 120 | 36 USD 190 /meter
meter | yardgramme | momme MOQ > 1 m


Lotus Silk Lotus fabrics

Lotus Silk is blended to provide a unique fabric, organic and woven by hand following traditional Khmer techniques. We dyed any color requested with a quality non heavy metal dyed (dystar).

The lotus fabric is the first natural microfiber and probably the most ecological fabric in the world and it has unique properties. Like other microfibers, lotus has remarkable properties: it is amazingly resistant, soft, and sustainable.

Thousands of years ago, the art of creating lotus fabric was known, but then lost. Samatoa brings back to life long forgotten skills.


Exceptional properties:[1]

  • Light weight
  • Soft touch
  • Silky hand
  • Especially breathable
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Piling resistance
  • Tearing and tensile strength make it perfectly suited to make dresses, jackets, tunics or scarves
  • Weight: 130 grams/meter (34 momes)


[1] According to a test report realized in 2016 by IFTH (the French Textile and Clothing Institute)



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